No Grind no glory




''work hard stay humble''




No Grind No Glory Music Group™ is a new Urban Inspirational Company based out of Central Florida formed by National Recording Artist Boy Wonda.

We firmly take pride in governing ourselves by being a Positive Influence, Encouraging others to succeed in life and lead them on the road to success by, following their dreams, and giving them guidance through music and community outreach.​

​Realizing the struggle and pain within today's culture, sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, It's hard to be a light surrounded by so much darkness, But in the midst of darkness is when the light shines most. Over the years ''Boy Wonda'' has made his mark within the music industry steady climbing, and to mark even a bigger milestone has started his own company (label)  No Grind No Glory Music Group™ based out of Central Florida.Gaining success is never an easy task, and it seemed like the higher he went the more adversity and pain he experienced.''People are hurting everywhere and have no one they can turn to or confide in and I just wanted to share my pain with them to let them know that they're not alone that we all go through BUT how not to stay down and learn to get back up and smile again in the midst of going through the pain''  says Boy Wonda. Living in a city where drugs, sex and violence seemed to be running rampid, as a child he remembers funerals happening every weekend because of the violence that was going on to where it became the norm, to where you were treated as an outsider opposing anything that wasn't contrary to what they believed in. Easily he could have been snatched up by today's culture, running the streets, becoming a statistic, a product of his own environment,but he chose a different path, a path to make a difference, to help change people's lives, to encourage and uplift, and be real with those he surrounds himself or come in contact with. Our goal is to make an IMPACT on the world with this contagious movement to inspire others to grind for ''HIS'' Glory.


If you would like to donate to the cause to help continue furthering the ministry God has bestowed upon me you can click on the donate button. There's no amount too big or small. Thank you for your support and love 


Boy Wonda